Small Multimedia Paintings

These small paintings (@19″ square) are acrylic on baltic with seed beads, recycled aluminum Arizona Tea cans, old tacks, milagros and various little metal objects. Classic period motel offices were a source of tourist fodder: sodas, snacks, postcards, tourist ephemera, real and fake Indian beadwork, various takeaways for travelers. The works are a condensation of that material language, and executed in a scale appropriate to that stuff.



This little guy above is “Dancing in Dogtown #4.” It features two of the Motel People, Angela & Del Rio, ballet dancing in a back alley behind a motel in Phoenix. It includes a beaded beer-stain in the loom woven beadwork surround. It it not available for sale.


This little guy above is “Lover’s Moon Over Desert Pool.” It was inspired by my favorite Arizona motel, the Home on the Range Motel, in Bowie, Arizona. The Home on the Range was really spectacular in its day. It was sadly trashed the last few times I visited it…There is a beadwork section devoted to ‘fading paint color’ on the right side. This painting is available for sale.