Prints and Drawings


This is a small scratchboard drawing of my old printing corner arrangement and studio furniture, done for fun. Printmaking is the place where exploring the observational characteristics of Arizona motel sign language – its colors, textures, visual field placement, geometric character, environment and messaging voices come out to play. Classic period western interior wallpaper, fabric and paper ephemera with overprinting characteristics are part of the visual vocabulary explored in this kind of work. Monoprint, monotype and relief print techniques are sometimes combined or used separately. The prints below feature “Arizona Trailheads” figures in relief print/monotype processes. They are @ 15″ x 19″.


Three Arizona Trailheads print


Motels repurposed with new tenants! This relief print, “Phoenix Version of St. George and the Dragon #3.” @15″ x 19″, was inspired by a larger acrylic painting with the same title.


Another @19″x15″ monotype/relief print combo. Yes, you can see the voice of  50’s & 60’s textiles that would have been found in classic period motels in prints like this one. Much fun was had by all. The print below, Superstition Mountains with Stormclouds is an example of the edgier desert environment works.


Working in black and white whether printed, inked or drawn in graphite like this next work features the textures of strange things in the desert. There’s a lot of strange things in the desert.


Back alley behind an abandoned motel in Gila Bend: Pretty Scary Country.