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Press and Media

“Arty Girl: Kay Emig at Central AZ College Visual Arts Gallery,” by Lilia Menconi, The New Times Blog, posted Fri., Mar. 27 2009 at 10:44 AM

“Art Show Opening at CAC,” Casa Grande Newspapwes, Z-wire, March 9, 2009

“Beading the icons of kitsch,” Bead & Button, February 2007, Issue 77, Waukesha, WI

“Tacky signs inspire bead artist,” The Arizona Republic, 12/6/02, Phoenix, AZ

“No Vacancy” Phoenix Magazine, Annual “Best Of” Issue, Vol.35 No.8, p.88-9, August 2000, Phoenix, Arizona

“Change on the Range,” Tribune, June 9, 2000, Mesa, Arizona

“Aging Motels star in Quirky Art Show,” The Arizona Republic, March 13, 1999, Community Edition, Phoenix, Arizona

“Arizona’s past in artist’s focus,” The Glendale Star, March 4, 1999, Glendale, Arizona

“Rollin’, Rollin, Rollin’..,” Tucson Weekly, July 4 – 10, 1996, Tucson Arizona

“By the Side of the Road,” KUAT-TV, aired July 5, 1996, Tucson Arizona

“Are We there, Yet” The Desert Leaf, July/August Issue, 1996, Tucson, Arizona

“Motel madness,” The Arizona Republic/Phoenix Gazette, West Community Edition, November 10, 1995

“Valley Views” KOY Radio, aired October 29, 1995 Phoenix, Arizona

“Emig Exhibit a look at highway past,” The Wickenburg Sun, October 25, 1995, Wickenburg, Arizona

“Loose ends,” The New Times, September 21-27, 1995, Art Section, Phoenix, Arizona

“An Artistic Journey,” Casa Grande Dispatch, p.5A, September 22, 1995, Casa Grande, Arizona

“The artistry of myths and motels,” The Phoenix Gazette, September 20, 1995, p.D2, Phoenix, Arizona

“Exhibit on Display through Friday,” Tribune, Community bulletin board, September 17, 1995, p. B2

“Obsession on Exhibit,” The Phoenix Gazette, September 15, 1995, Tempe Community Section, Phoenix, Arizona

“Motel paintings on display at Harry Wood,” ASU Insight, September 15, 1995, Tempe, Arizona

“Channel 10 News,” news spot, KSAZ-TV, aired June 6, 1995, Phoenix, Arizona

“On the Arizona Road with Bill Leverton,” Arizona Prime News video segment, KSAZ-TV, aired November 1, 1994, Phoenix, Arizona

“Room with a View,” The Phoenix Gazette, Tempe Community Edition, September 23, 1994, Phoenix, Arizona

“Dreams; Nightmares, the eerie motels of ASU”s Kay Emig,” STATE PRESS, July 19, 1994, Tempe, Arizona

“Old motels “most visual” of painter’s odd subjects,” The Arizona Republic, May 8, 1994, Phoenix, Arizona

“Cummings award winner sees Arizona’s decaying motels as Art,” ASU Insight, Vol.14 No.29, April 29, 1994, Tempe, Arizona

“Southern Nevada,” WESTART, August 14, 1992, p.12, Seattle, Washington

“Art Mirrors Authors,” The Phoenix Gazette, Tempo section, June 2, 1993, Phoenix, Arizona

“Gathering the Pieces,” The Phoenix Gazette, West Edition, May 24, 1993, Phoenix, Arizona

“Disappearing Landmarks,” The Phoenix Gazette, July 17-23, 1992, Marquee Section, p.2 & 3, Phoenix, Arizona

“Random acts of Art at Ironwood,” The Peoria Times, May 7, 1992, Peoria, Arizona

“Painting an area with anger,” The Phoenix Gazette, March 25, 1991, South community section, Phoenix, Arizona

“New coveralls,” The Phoenix Gazette, Central community section, p. 4E, February 4, 1991, Phoenix, Arizona

“In good taste,” The Arizona Republic, Kids Section, September 23, 1990, Phoenix, Arizona

“4 Local Artists Dominate show,” The Arizona Republic/Phoenix Gazette, Southeast Community section, March 21, 1990, Tempe, Arizona

“Gallery displays works by West Phoenix Artist,” The Arizona Republic/Phoenix Gazette, Northwest Community section, February 26, 1990, Phoenix, Arizona

“Visions of Loveliness,” Arizona Magazine, Annual “Best Of” Issue, March/April 1988, p.44-46, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Feminist artists win space at ASU,” The Arizona Republic, Southeast Extra, December 9, 1987

“Event to put “Pictures” on exhibit, stage in Mesa,” The Arizona Republic/Phoenix Gazette, Southeast section, SE6, November 2, 1984

Dozers on Van Buren

Professional Experience

2005   Artist in Residence: Outward Bound Grant, Maryvale High School, Phoenix, Arizona

2001  Glasgow/Arizona Mono-Screenprint Workshop, Mesa Fine Arts Center, Mesa Arizona

2000   Panel Discussion: “Influences & Issues: The Changing Face of the West,” Mesa Southwest Museum, Mesa Arizona, June 24

1998   Public Slide Lecture: “The Motel Project”, West Valley Art Museum, Sun City, Arizona, October 24

1995   AZ/UK Print Exchange Workshop, Sponsors: Mesa Fine Arts Center, Mesa Arizona, Sky Harbor Art Program, Aviation Department, Phoenix Arizona, Xicanindio Artes, Inc., Mesa, Arizona, The British Council, Washington, D.C

1996   Public Lecture: “School Art Project Manager Survival Kit”, Cartwright School District In-Service, Phoenix, Arizona, March 5

1996   MURAL: Artist-in-Residence, Cholla Middle School, Phoenix, Arizona

1995   MURAL: Artist-in-Residence, Desert Sands Junior High School, Phoenix, Arizona

1995   Public Lecture: “The Motel Project,” Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, March 6

1995   Juror: Classic Car Show, Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg, Arizona

1995 Artist-in-Residence: Vulture Peak School, Wickenburg, Arizona

1993-5 Graduate Teaching Assistant (full teaching responsibilities) Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

1993 Juror: Phoenix College Student Art Exhibition, Phoenix, Arizona

1993 MURAL: Artist-in-Residence, Ironwood High School, Peoria, Arizona

1992 MURAL: Artist-in-Residence, Ironwood High School, Peoria,

1992 Arizona Panel Discussion: Phoenix Art Commission Artist’s workshop Series, “Public Art Public Outcry,” Phoenix, Arizona

1990-2 Adjunct Faculty, Painting/Drawing/Aesthetics, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona

1991 MURAL: Phoenix Art Commission / Graffiti Buster’s Project, Phoenix, Arizona

1991 Printmaking Workshop: Ironwood High School, Peoria, Arizona

1991 Art Instructor, Desert West Summer Oasis Program, City of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona

1990 MURAL: Desert West Summer Oasis Program, City of Phoenix, Phoenix,

1990 Arizona Art Instructor, Desert West Summer Oasis Program, City of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona

1990 Printmaking Workshop: Ironwood High School, Peoria, Arizona

1990 Juror: Y.O.U.T.H. Environmental Rally, Capitol Art Show, Phoenix, Arizona

1990 MURAL: The Planet Earth Lounge, Scottsdale, Arizona

1987-8 Children’s Art Workshops, MARS Artspace Outreach Programs, Phoenix, Arizona

1987 Public Lecture: “Various Solitary Visions”, Phoenix College, Phoenix, Arizona, October 27


1994  Nathan Cummings Summer Travel Fellowship: this annual travel Fellowship is awarded to an Arizona State University School of Art Master’s Degree candidate.

1993  Arizona State University Graduate Academic Scholarship: this Regent’s Scholarship was awarded for a three year period.

1986  First Prize for Poetry, Chimera Magazine

1986  Excellence in Painting Award, Arizona State University School of Art This annual award is granted to the outstanding painting area undergraduate.

1985-6  Board of Regents Scholarship, Arizona State University

1984-5 Board of Regents Scholarship, Arizona State University


Lakeview Museum

Scottsdale Center for the Arts

City of Mesa

Central Arizona College

Glasgow Print Studio

American Agency Insurance Company

Valley National Bank

various private collections


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