Politics: January 2017

My little corner of blog-land is an artist’s place, about art – doing it, living it, what that experience produces. Some of that is internal, some visible, but none of it exists in a social vacuum. In order to keep the main posts art focused, I’ll move the political stuff here.

I wore red shoes for Election Day! It’ll be a joy to say goodbye to this. And the expected vitriol of the aftermath, described clearly by this, is on a level to equal what happened the last time we took slaves away from Democrats. The dependency and despondency plantation, watered with hate salesmen and frauds don’t like it when we the people reject their cult. And the globalists among them in Congress, the GOPe and assorted Rinos are really angry, having counted on the UniParty to continue hollowing out our business and educational climates, aiding the Democrat effort to Cloward-Piven this nation into perpetual serfdom and permanent racial division. These scalawags hoped to make their big bucks and get away with it before the Debt Star explodes.

Sorry guys, we’re not going down easy.

The term “Democrat” is a relative one today. The Democrat Party started to die in the 1970’s. Yes, the 1970’s. Over the 40 years since then, this party morphed into what we have today: an assortment of hardcore progressives – waaaayyy to the left of your classic ‘liberal.’ They use the liberal mask, the classic ‘we care‘ face, when election season comes around; but the face is getting ragged these days. Their hate mongering tactics (employed to gin up support) have fractured their party along racial lines so badly that they are starting to cannibalize each other. Of course, the media hides this when it can; but when the major Party spokesman can’t articulate the difference between socialism and communism in a press conference, it’s hards to hide that. Or the rent-a-mobs, the loons, the vicious racial fanatics who are starting to outnumber the general public portion of their voter base. It shows. Just look at the garbage and damage they leave behind their demonstrations. Especially the eco-friendly ones.

The irony of these characters calling anybody a fascist is beyond farcical. Almost as farcical as fronting a Presidential candidate who, on her best days, as a young woman, was deemed too incompetent and unethical to serve on the committee investigating Nixon – and when the media mask slipped a few times during the campaign, was seriously unhealthy and obviously having cognitive issues. That was the best the DNC could offer? Venal Hillary Clinton – or that dried out little communist elder who never held a job until he was 40?

One ‘other side of the aisle’ the Republican Party entered it’s death spiral in the 1990’s. For the last two decades it has left behind the conservative “smaller government, more freedom” direction and headed off into globalist territory. Despite massive successive voter rebellions (aka ‘The Tea Party’ revolt) that methodically voted out politicians who betrayed their Party’s commitment to small government, many globalist Congressmen wore the Conservative mask while working closely with Democrats to rob us of our sovereignty, cripple us with debt, and apparently thought that this would go on indefinitely.

Government finally became so dysfunctional, and the pols running for office on either side of the political divide so venal, so obviously detrimental to our country, that an outsider had to step up and run for President to try to fix this mess. He will be fighting deeply entrenched, corrupt pols and bureaucrats from both parties, international globalists (aka Marxists,) an unstable global terrorist problem, plus the assorted fruits and nuts in the media, and massive voter ignorance produced by a broken education system and media propaganda. But he does have at least 65 million of us to back him up. At least 65 million people who know what our country can be when it is not broken. He also understands, from personal experience, how much fiscal damage bad policy can do. The media caricature of this movement and it’s ‘deplorables’ is as far out-of-sync as it can be. Am sure you’re shocked by that, right?

Had the media been functioning as designed for the last 40 years (with honesty and integrity – letting the chips fall where they may) a whole lotta things would have been very different in this country, with less damage done to people’s lives. Sadly, I’m still waiting for the “Newspaper of Record” to apologize for publishing Walter Duranty… Media output for the last two decades has been almost indistinguishable from propaganda with the exception of a few voices who braved it out. It’s been said recently that progressives have to work pretty hard to exist in a state of willful blindness in order to remain loyal to their ideology; which is why they work doubly hard to ‘control the public narrative’ and/or engage in the Lie By Omission. That’s the worst kind of lying. One can keep whistling past the graveyard that way for quite a while.

The media functions like a thermometer for our nation. When honest; social policies that don’t work, or injustices of various kinds, hazards and successes can be assessed objectively. This is why the 4th Estate was granted special protections. They have truly lost their way. Lately, they have actively encouraged the usual violent Leftists, Grievence Theatre peeps and young anarchists to act out, with increasing frequency and decreasing accountability. Who started fires, assaulted people at political gatherings, vandalized property, rioted and beat down the elderly on our streets during the last election cycle? Our dear Democrats did that, using BLM domestic terrorists financed by Soros who paid to bus ’em into targeted areas. Hell, the DNC even had staff on tap to manipulate the mentally unstable ‘on command’ to attack Republicans at campaign rallies. How freaking sick is that? These rent-a-bolshie goons were exposed, but not on CNN or mainstream media. Every time the MSM describes actual fascists as ‘right wing’ they perpetuate one of their most egregious long-term lies. But then misuse of language is another tool used by the Left to deliberately obscure the nature of their ideology and actions. Bet on this: Leftists make a specialty of loudly accusing others of stuff they do themselves, in concert with the media echo chamber, who will even deliberately publicize discriminatory hate crime hoaxes without checking their veracity. Retractions and apologies – fuggedaboutit.

Until this week, that is. President Trump hasn’t even been in office a week and we’ve already seen 3 or 4 retractions from CNN, and a couple other media outlets who were publicly confronted (at last!) about the false editing, the false comparisons, the outright misrepresentations of even silly things like crowd sizes that are verifiable. The inclusion of more media voices who reject the usual “we’re here to change things so we can lie ’cause we’re the good guys” philosophy is great. Just great. More sunshine please!

Election day red shoes

Election day red shoes

Today has become so bizarre that it’s just science fiction. People routinely swim in a sea of lies so deep that they don’t know where to touch bottom and casually accept the most egregious political lies without bothering to look; despite having unprecedented access to tools that require little effort to use. This freedom too, to look at ‘unmanaged history’ and real time accurate reporting might be lost faster than people expect if they don’t wake up.

Simply ignoring the consequences inherent in the Marxist twist to The Modern Project is not a realistic option. History provides a clear warning of where the various Marxist social Utopias eventually wind up. Despite the testimony of millions of dead bodies piled up by leftists who tried to ignore reality in their own special way, people keep falling for the same shell game over and over… ghouls like Sharpton and Ayers, tearing at our nation’s fabric feed off the damage done to the very people they ‘care’ about. While this circus, this shameful political circus, has been going on in America, a current, clear example of the inevitable results of Leftists In Control of Paradise is demonstrating, yet again, where we don’t want to go. Venezuela this Christmas is sunk in misery, and Brazil is in trouble too.

Andrew Breitbart clearly described the game plan when he wrote:

“Marcuse’s mission was to dismantle American society by using diversity and ‘multiculturalism’ as crowbars with which to pry the structure apart, piece by piece. He wanted to set blacks in opposition to whites, set all ‘victim groups’ in opposition to the society at large. Marcuse’s theory of victim groups as the new proletariat, combined with Horkheimer’s critical theory, found an outlet in academia, where it became the basis for the post-structural movement–Gender Studies, LGBT/’Queer’ Studies, African-American Studies, Chicano Studies, etc. All of these ‘Blank Studies’ brazenly describe their mission as tearing down traditional Judeo-Christian values and the accepted traditions of Western culture, and placing in their stead a moral relativism that equates all cultures and all philosophies–except for Western civilization, culture, and philosophy, which are ‘exploitative’ and ‘bad.’”

It’s pitiful, truly pitiful, that basically decent, caring people, under the influence of major and social media ideologues prefer to stay in that vicious, grey little world. Maybe some will wake up, but that usually doesn’t seem to happen to someone until the real ugly side of this hate filled political garbage they support bites ’em personally – and even then, most will blame everything else but their ideology for the damage done. Why? They’ve invested too much ego in “being right,” in wanting to feel good about themselves, to want to assess whether their ideology performs as advertised or not. And no one, wants to embrace the ego-bruising that comes with admitting that they fell for the scam. No-one wants to embrace the guilt that comes with realizing that their political support has caused harmful policies to hurt people they profess to care about. Very hard. Truth helps to cure that problem. Unless you’re a Superstar Pop Singer in which case you can deal with unacceptable truths by mutilating your sexual parts in some way.

Hopefully we can turn our country away from devolving into another casualty of the Left or of Islam. They cooperate with each other at present; but the followers of each ideology are convinced that they will prevail over their ‘friend of convenience’ if together they succeed in taking us down. This dynamic operates on ‘virtue signaling,’ and is how we ended up with Muslim Brotherhood operatives advising the last President, or for example, feminists protesting in favor of accepting sharia law. It’s crazy! It’s also interesting how alike they are, progs and muslims, in the treatment of women for example. For the first decade of the Soviet Union Communist Paradise, each man was allowed to have up to three women, and women were discouraged from refusing sex with any man who wanted it. The nuclear family was bourgeois and had to be discarded of course! This situation had to be “corrected” by Stalin, (with a new set of precepts to live by, I think there were 8 of these) when the results of this social experiment proved horrific. The polygamy thing seems to come up regularly thugs of various kinds… who also tend to heartily approve of women who’ll kill their own children.

A healthy creative country, which we did have, works like a rain forest or coral reef of inventiveness; full of life at all levels, big and small. That is a place where art thrives, where freedom, a chance for some level of autonomy, creativity, and the myriad unexpected connections within a healthy middle class bear surprising new fruit. What a miracle it was to witness a place and time where ordinary people who simply wanted to fly, could build small aircraft in their garages if they wanted to! I am so grateful to have lived in a time and place where I didn’t have to be somebody’s goat… art was open territory for anyone to take flight in – maybe not very high in my case – but the freedom was there. Let’s hope that our freedom can be renewed, and valued, and passed on.


Our culture produced something
 genuinely monumental – successful moon landing missions. Maybe this was our American version of vertical travel to transcend our physical limitations… Those massive Saturn 5s composed of hundreds of thousands of precision hand welded parts were a work of art, our techno version of gothic cathedrals. What a wonder it was to watch the launches and listen to the tower chatter. Real engineering and scary levels of derring-do… and of course there was the silly side, the small scale commercial fallout: astronaut pajamas, ‘peanut butter space sticks’ and better ball-point pens, remember?

But that was before the expression of our vertical drive upward on a national scale got sidelined by politics and reduced our national horizons down to the size of politician’s pockets.

The cultural dry rot of Marxist social engineering shriveled that potential time for growth, exploration and wonder even faster – in favor of creating a class of politically useful bridge trolls out of otherwise fine people for the pols to exploit. But that’s what the Left does best – destroy what others build, while slamming one’s nose firmly in the dirt… These shrunken horizons are reflected in so much of our current art; but this is our life within The Modern Project. At least now, 40+ years later, the private sector is starting to tinker seriously with space travel technologies while NASA’s Progressive Leftie priority for the last 8 years has been – wait for it – to make Muslims feel better about themselves. Really. That 1400 year trajectory of Muslims methodically detaching people from their heads adds an extra level of sick irony to the whole ‘detachable command module’ concept as it applies to today’s NASA. Hopefully this will change. Apparently it doesn’t take Marxists very much time to degrade a maturing culture into something that readily conflates discernment with judgment, and then retreats into classic doublethink. Muslims find that the self-loathing our degraded education system has fostered in our young people to be very useful, and exploit this weakness to their political advantage. Can hardly wait to see the new Asylum Rules from Alinsky posted for the week.

It’s not necessary to create surrealist art works any more when the world provides so many ‘ready-mades.’ May our children forgive us.

Will be adding some links to especially egregious news items that are something to take note of. Or, one can read real classic sci-fi, or some history written before Leftists distorted it – to get a sense of where some of the rocks are under the political water. Given the surreal scene played out this fall of 2016, I had posted some things that will now live here. This country dodged a bullet during this election season; despite the massive media spin and vote fraud, enough ‘deplorables’ turned out – “The Monster Vote” to win the day. Hopefully, this opportunity to downscale and clean up a corrupt globalist/UniParty government will not be wasted. It will take concerted long term effort to tackle such an imbedded cancer on our body politic. We’ll see how this shakes out.

Hoping for the best for everyone, and that our nation can start to recover it’s balance without violence. The Left will try in every way to nip our revolt in the bud. They also really don’t want to believe that so many of us have been ‘post racial’ for decades as that would destroy their presumed moral high ground and undermine their lucrative narrative.

Below are sources of pertinent information or egregious examples of insanity.


It’s only a Matter of Time…

Posted on Oct 12, 2016

Are you ever curious to know what our unemployment rate and other economic indicators would look like if calculated “the old way” (in other words consistently with eras before the Obama administration) because your gut reaction to hearing that we have a 5% unemployment rate doesn’t square with 93+ million people not participating in the workforce? Or that the sight of empty storefronts and closing businesses doesn’t somehow look like a ‘healthy recovery’ to you? Calculated the old way, the ShadowStats Alternate Unemployment Rate for October 2016 is 23.0%. And the unemployment rate for the black male community is higher still. Economist and Professor (Emeritus) Walter Williams ShadowStats site might be worth a look to help keep a person grounded when confronted with government obfuscations. His site can be found at:


So what might be ahead? This post on Taxicab Depressions has a take on that; the picture and caption made me smile for a bit. But that’s really sad, because it won’t be that simple…

What’s on the Ballot

And on a brighter note, here’s something for youngsters who don’t know what they are losing:

Lies of Omission

Blog: Liberals rejoice over legalization of child prostitution in California

Posted on September 30, 2016

Source: Blog: Liberals rejoice over legalization of child prostitution in California

Stuff life this is why I quit reading science fiction in the 1980’s. Could see what what was coming. God have mercy on us. This country is turning into a banana republic and an insane asylum. Space suits for all! It really hurts to see what happened to California….

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News media legally permitted to lie?

Posted on August 11, 2016

Do Not Forget this….. And that the worst kind of lying, is the lie by omission.

Hurtling Through Space

Most you know that I’m not in the US, but what goes on there has a habit of spilling over into the rest of the world. This is particularly true of politics, culture and media…

It appears that the US news media is legally permitted to lie to and has no legal onus to tell the truth to the public, according to that government’s law courts and communications regulatory authority, the FCC. For many people this has been an accepted, if unwritten and cynical, fact for decades, but I wonder how many know that it’s actual fact?

I realise this sounds straight out of one of the Internet’s countless conspiracy theory websites, but this is one of those situations where it’s completely accurate. It started with an article called Fox News gets okay to misinform public, court ruling on CeaseSPIN, a website that states its mission is to…

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COLD ANGER – The Corporate U.S. Media Has Weaponized Against US…

Source: COLD ANGER – The Corporate U.S. Media Has Weaponized Against US…

Sickness on the Supreme Court

A remarkable moment took place Monday night, as a sitting justice of the Supreme Court of the United States expressed her fantasy of taking a baseball bat to Justice Scalia during sessions on the bench, if only one had been handy.

Remember the Latina wisdom meme?

The U.S. Media Has Fully Weaponized – A Remarkable Thing To Witness…

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Coordinated Violence against Trump

No one is really surprised at this…..Leftists are so honest and peace loving. No, really.

It Begins…

Posted on October 16, 2016

More peaceable Democrat/Leftists “reaching out in love” towards their neighbors… Today’s firebombing .

The Elite have No Idea

Posted on October 11, 2016

Whether it’s willful blindness or not, but some of us…..can see the pitchforks from here

Donald Trump Speech: The Coordinated Clintonian Politics of Personal Destruction…

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