Facebook Ad Executive Rob Goldman Apologizes for having “Uncleared Thoughts”… | The Last Refuge

Good grief, I doubt there is a more apropos example of how liberal echo-chambers generate a sketchy group-think compliance mindset. After President Trump re-tweeted a discussion thread from Facebook VP of Ads Rob Goldman, which cited analysis done last year of Russian ad purchases/engagement, the liberal hive instantly attacked the executive. According to Wired.Com Rob…
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Blazing Cat Fur: Hunger Games remade with Cats

Blazing Cat Fur: Hunger Games remade with Cats.

Sometimes it is good just to laugh at stuff. Laughing is good for your insides. I bet the folks that did this excellent video would have just the purrfect sensibilities to do a version spotlighting the shenanigans of the new UN Human Rights Council featuring new members Saudi Arabia and the People’s Republic (?) of China. We’d need lots of plastic ants for that.

For the Loving Rememberance of a Mentor: Rip Woods

studio corder

Was thankfully able to visit briefly an 80th birthday celebration for the late Rip Woods given by Dee Dee, his family and friends last Saturday at 934 on Southern Avenue in Phoenix.

Rip was a beloved mentor, to whom I offer two Quotes from Eric Gill:

“The training of artists, therefore, is twofold. First, there is the training of the living. The child brought up in a dark cellar or in an art school will know nothing of humane life. Art training is first of all the training obtained by living the ordinary life of the time. Thus the mind is nourished on reality and not romance.”

“….A fool may be a Saint.
A villain may be an artist.
A fool may be an villain.
But a fool cannot be an artist, nor a villain a Saint.”

Dear Rip, mentor and friend – Moriendo Modulor.