Anniversary: Moon Landing Day


Painting the Church interior was an interesting contrast on this date. The national moon landing effort, undertaken with so much bravery into a risky and unknown environment has always seemed like a high water mark for this country. Surrounded by a world today that descends into darkness, willful ignorance and/or the frenzy of busy distraction  – the opportunity to come here and ascend into the peace of focused, beautiful work feels wonderful. What a joy! Putting flowers in the paint water up here on the scaffold is a small journey upward.

The words of Elder (now Saint) Piasios of Mount Athos come to mind:

“It is good to have the intellectual powers that take man to the moon costing billions of dollars in fuel expenses and so on, but it is better to have the spiritual powers that raise man to God, his ultimate destination, with only a bit of fuel, a mere dried piece of bread” — Elder Paisios












And to stay awake, I have a Detachable Command Module along for the ride: a “Paris” tea sachet. Can’t do numbers without caffeine anymore – am too old. The ‘interesting facts‘ website has some good offerings on the moon landing. Hope that you had a good Moon Landing Day out there in cyberspace.


Meteor City Arizona

Up in Raven Country this time of year the air shines a bit. Can remember seeing little rainbows behind everyone’s car tires on the freeway near Flagstaff formed by ice crystals and a low slanted sun.meteor-city


Today’s Color Therapy: Pinks



I’ve played music…

from a least the time I was in elementary school and even performed from time to time since then. Piano, violin, mandolin, guitar, bass, ukulele, vocals, all of them at one time or another were par…

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